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I'm glad to inform you that we are created new bounty and airdrop  list platform.

How this platform work :

  • At first we list bounty and airdrop list ( we update every day )our platform also show bounty budget distribution in details page
  • After our platform listed bounty or airdrop project success achieve Theirs goals we list on success Tab  
  • after this success project hit on exchange we list on list exchange tab ( here show this project current market price )

 we hope this system save  bounty and airdrop hunter time find out  every day bounty and airdrop project list  

How you submit your project

you submit your project by our contract page , send details on your project
you join our discord server and give your project details
as soon we open public submit project page

we hope community member support us for give a better service ,

if you have any better idea please give us . our dev team working on this platform for more modify , right now our platform launch only bounty sector

we try our level best update new bounty , right now our platform listed 79 bounty project ,

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