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What is PrepayWay?


PrepayWay is a block-chain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries.


Why you choice PrepayWay for investment ?


  1. Integrated Payment Gateway

  2. Smart Contracts

  3. Tamper-Proof Transactions

  4. Smart Dispute Resolution

  5. Agreement Customization

  6. Enforceable Agreements

How to Invest 


Currently, They  are collecting indications of interest. While participation is not binding, we strive to gather realistic data about the amount potential investors would be interested and willing to invest.

In order to submit your indication of interest, go this link  click "Invest in equity", fill out the form, and click “Submit”.

Prepayway sales team will contact you shortly. 


PrepayWay Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

  PrepayWay Systems Estonia OÜ

Start date: 19 Mar 2019

Promotional package: Free InBit tokens
Accept: Credit cards,
bank transfer, cryptocurrency, PayPal

Prepayway more information 


Website :

Bitcointalk :

Telegram :

Facebook :

Twitter : y" target="true">


My information 


Bitcointalk user name : sayedur123

Bitcointallk profile link :;u=1819996

ETH address : 0xb6050736eA6A6f1FD18efaBc8E399dD55A17Fc94



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