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    What Is UbiatarPlay ?

    UbiatarPlay will be the peer-to-peer marketplace of the ubiatar service .

    Ubiatar delivers the power of ubiquity with modern mobile technologies .

    over a high-performance platform. The starting point is a normal smartphone held by a local  individual (the Avatar); everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the  network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as  his/her remote body. The directions are given with a revolutionary GUI (Graphical User Interface) superimposed over the live video stream

    UbiatarPlay Supported platforms :

    The ubiatar enterprise platform is already developed and the client applications are
    already publicly available on all the app marketplaces.  The iOS native application has been approved and is currently at release 2.1 on the Apple app store.
    The Android native application is currently at release 2.1 on the Google Play app store. The web app software, that runs on any major browser and any computer system, executes  on Windows, Linux and Mac OSx. No need to install anything, so it immediately works on any home computer and any PC of any company, without the need to contact the company system support. Special versions of the client software are available for embedded systems such as Raspberry PI cards

    Why ICO :

    Blockchain not only is disrupting the way we distribute value, but it is changing the way companies are funded. Crowdfunding with intermediaries and centralized platforms is slow and expensive, and less efcient too. Instead to ofer stock in an IPO, blockchain startup are ofering TOKENS. This procedure is called ICO (Initial Coin Ofering), and allow companies to have a direct access to capital market. The ubiatar coins are a service Token that are the only mean to access the UbiatarPlay marketplace and are instrumental to each exchange of value between all peers on the platform. At the same time, the Ubiatar Token has a value that under usual market conditions will increase thanks to the network efect and the exclusive use for any exchange of value on the marketplace; also for the special advantages for those that will hold a signifcant amount on their wallets.

    UbiatarPlay  Token Sell About ?

    ICO  Name :- Ubiatarplay  ICO
    Status :- Ongoing
    Token Sale Start Date :-  Mar 23rd 2018 00:00 UTC
    Token Sale End Date :-   Apr 22nd 2018 00:00 UTC
      Ubiatarplay  Coin Symbol :-  UAC
    Platform :-   Ethereum
    Category   Trading & Investing
      UAC ICO Price :-  1 UAC = 2 USD
      Accepting   ETH
    Website :-  http://ubiatarplay.io
     Whitepaper :-     http://ubiatarplay.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ubiatarmarketplace-white-paper-3-0.pdf
    Facebook :-    https://www.facebook.com/ubiatarPlay
    Twitter    https://twitter.com/UbiatarPlay


    What Is UbiatarPlay Road Map :


    Q1 2017        :  Ubiatar technology development and worldwide distribution.
    Q1 2018       :  ICO
    Q2 2018      :  Marketplace platform development.
    Q2 2018      :  Wallet and ubiatar card.
    Q3 2018      :  HumanEmpowermentNetwork.
    Q3 2018      :  UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide campaign
    Q4 2018      :  Narrative and creative cross-cultural contests.
    Q1 2019       :  Partnerships and structures for large AvatarEcommerceServices.
    Need More Information Please Visit Main Web site : http://ubiatarplay.io/

    Thank You For Visit Our Site 

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